Building Solutions Inc

76 Bexley Crescent Toronto ON M6N 2P7

Our work has primarily been in the core Toronto areas, including Etobicoke, York, Roncesvalles, Downsview, Danforth / Broadview / Cabbagetown and Rosedale. Beginning in the early 80s in the Annex, High Park, Junction, Beaches and other areas of Toronto as renovation specialists we have been able to take on the most difficult jobs and make them run smoothly. Our motto has been "Do it right the first time - it will cost you more than double to redo it." We work with you to get the product you really need and want. The key to customer satisfaction is to be able to deliver the goods as promised, on time and on budget. Our goal is to be as neat and efficient as possible and to keep the project moving. The rest speaks for itself.