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September 14, 2019


We purchased fiberglass front entry-door with multi-point locking mechanism from “Brocks Doors and Windows Ltd.” and it was installed in Oct 2016. Based on the contract, the parts and accessories had lifetime warranty. After almost 3 years, multi-locking system was broken and we could no longer lock the front door (literally for a week we left the house without locking). Finally we received a response from “Brock Doors and Windows Ltd” and were informed that it will not be covered under warranty (without giving any reason as to why this is not covered under warranty). During “Brock Doors and Windows Ltd.” site visit, the technician took a note and indicated that this was a defective part and internal part of the locking system is plastic and it gets broken, it is not the first time he has seen the issue occurred. Please note that if you purchase from big reputable companies, most of the locking system come with “Lifetime FINISHING& MECHANICAL warranty”. I.e., Wei$er brand locks (decent ones) are around $250 and it has lifetime finishing and mechanical warranty. Multi-point locking system and handles cost us over $1000 and it had no warranty for finishing as well (we purchased multi-locking mechanism built-in with door from “Brock Doors and Windows Ltd”). After even 8 months, handle and body part of the locking system got discolored due to sun and paint chipped and it was not covered under warranty either. We did not make such a big problem about color issue, but failure on the locking system was not acceptable. Why do you have a locking system if you can not lock.

We made a mistake and we purchased the door from a small family-own company which does not stand on their own product. I called HD and explained the situation and they informed if I had bought from Home Depot (Home Depot also sells the same brand of doors), it would have been replaced with no question asked. The other issue is, if you buy a normal standard locking mechanism, you can always go to manufacturer directly if there is any issue but with multi-point locking system, you have to go through door manufacturer which you purchased the door .
Another complaining about this company's process&control. The process is quite slow, even they marked and escalated this issue as an emergent issue, the door locking mechanism has not fixed more than a week. For now we are awaiting manufacturer’s pricing how much it will cost to replace the defected part and I also need to add $125+tax for installation.

As a Professional Engineer, I learned my lesson:
- DON’T BUY FROM “BROCK DOOR AND WINDOWS Ltd.”, they are good until they sell their product – family own business. Service is very inefficient and ineffective.
- DO NOT BUY A DOOR WITH MULTI-POINT LOCKING MECHANISM, IN THE END MAINTENANCE IS TOO COSTLY AND ORDERING AND ARRIVAL OF NEW PART TAKES WEEKS (I was informed 4-6 weeks) – imagine you leave your house for a month without locking.
- Please also be advised that insurance does not cover any incurred cost related to 'break-in' - if you did not do your due-diligence and did not take precaution to prevent ease accessibility.

Sorry it is a long review but I wanted all to be aware about the incident.
July 22, 2019

Brock sales offered a reasonable price for a front door installed. The door was ready as promised. The installers showed up early and completed the job in an hour and a half. No fuss no muss. Thanks Brock
April 11, 2019

“I had an exterior basement door installed on April 2. I had placed the order in late fall and stated that I wanted installation at the beginning of April when we returned from a 2 month vacation on Hilton Head Island SC. We were given the installation date of April 2 and weeks prior to the installation we were contacted to confirm the installation date, time and the names of the installers. The installers showed up promptly on April 2 and completed the installation in less than three hours. The job was perfect and the basement and outside were spotless. This is the third door I have had done by Brock and I would recommend them highly.”
February 24, 2019

Overall, I would say this company is great. The Sales people were friendly and the installation crew was quick. After job clean up was thorough which was appreciated. However, like any company there is always room for improvement. The only thing I was unsure of was the install date. I was given an approximate month it would be completed by the estimator, but when the month promised came with no confirmation call, I was the one who followed up to ask for one. In my opinion this should have been done more in advance by their staff but other than that I would use them again. :)
August 9, 2017

To be completely honest, I have had a very happy experience with everyone and the windows themselves. Sokol was very nice, very helpful he did a fantastic job all around!

Walter was amazing! He was very very nice very very helpful, and even when Sokol came to install the windows I asked how Walter was and I heard he passed away and I was heartbroken, a very gentle kind man.

Overall I am very happy with my windows and my project!
August 1, 2017

Changed some of my house windows. Good office staff, sales person Kevin, Installer Jim who made it all so easy. Will use them again !
July 18, 2017

Great sales person. Help decide the design with a reasonable price. Office staff were very cordial and efficient. Agreed on date and timing suitable for us. The installers were on time with the windows and sliding doors. They removed the old windows and doors and installed the new ones in three days. Work was clean and to our satisfaction. Great job well done.
July 12, 2017

I recently sought quotes to have windows in my house replaced. I received several quotes the most reasonable being from Brock Windows and Doors. From the sales person's advice to the installer's expertise the service was excellent. Everything was on schedule with no delays or problems. The installers were quick and efficient, no time wasted.
June 6, 2017

Second time using their services and this time was just as great as the first time.
Work men came on time, work hard all day, and cleaned up after themselves.

My door and now my windows look amazing!
June 5, 2017

I previously had Brock Doors and Windows install windows in my Home , the workmanship was excellent and very well coordinated from ordering to the final clean up, which I might add was exceptionally well done. I visited the show room again to check out front entrance replpacements. , I requested my previous salesman kevin , kevin came Did everything he was supposed to do, and I asked him to send the same installers.All of my wishes were granted . install date was set , everything went as planned , the workmanship was extraordinary, well exacuted. and very professional . clean up was excellent , great work, I would definitely recommend Brock Doors and Windows.
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