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low quality, high price

By: myskohome | October 18, 2016

Do yourself a big favour and don't buy this window because if you care about quality you will not be happy. Poorly made with the lowest quality material. My issues are Jamb extensions need to be squared and in one case I have a bulge from a poorly aligned screw. Another issue is it doesn't matter if your opening is flush and level there still can be 3/8" difference between the top of the opening sash and the bottom. No way to fix this even though the company says they can adjust it. They tried and it lasted about a day. Another issue is that the opening sashes are sagging. YES sagging. DON'T BUY THIS WINDOW BECAUSE YOU WILL BE SORRY YOU DID.

All Weather Windows

8241 30 St SE #1 Calgary, AB

category: Windows and Doors - Contractors


By: soniadowrich | October 12, 2016

I am writing this review on behalf of my mother who is a senior. She had windows, door and a screen door done on September 30/16. The door has been a problem not closing properly. I've called the company 3 times. First call resulted in the owner Len telling my mother to unscrew the bottom of the door and move screw and that was a disaster. Second call on Oct. 11/16 and spoke to Len myself who said he would go and fix himself which he did by putting the screw back in but not adjusting the door which is need. My mother said she told him it is still not closing properly which I guess he could see but he just left. I called the company again today Oct. 12/16 and spoke to Receptionist Toni, Len is away. ' My mother is a pensioner and elderly senior who paid this company and now can't get them to come and adjust the door so it can close without slamming. My fear if not fix properly it is going to cause the glass to shatter and injure someone.

Sonia D on behalf of Mrs. Niles

Beware of this company

By: nbird | September 28, 2016

They did a terrible job - promised to be back to fix it and have not done so many months later. The job looks unprofessional (2 installers who have subsequently seen it say it is the worst they have ever seen). Some of the windows do not even close properly so they cannot be opened. Dimitry - who will promise you everything (professional job, start and end date etc) will not return calls once he has your $$. I had referred them to others as well - all of whom have had the same issues (they start multiple jobs before finishing others - this must be intentional so you cannot warn anyone you refer them to about the low quality work!). Any good review out there has to be a fake. Don't make the same mistake I did. I now have to invest more $$$ to another company to fix the work I have already paid for. RIPPED OFF!!!!

Visage Windows and Doors

61 Alness St. Unit 202 North York, ON

category: Windows and Doors - Retailers

Poor quality windows

By: Danceangel52 | August 30, 2016

Has anoyne had issues with the outside window casings fading. My windows are supposed to be a tan colour. Our house is not quite three years old and a little over a year ago, when the house was not quite two years we noticed the windows fading to a green colour. I have several neighbours facing the same issue. Mason indicated the only thing they will do is spraying a coating on the windows. Has anyone heardof that being done. How well will it last. How does that affect the resale value. Also they are deducting the three years warrantee and are only willing to give us the remaining seven years warrantee. I think Mason Windows sells poor quality windows. I reside in Kemptville, On.

Mason Windows

913 Brock Road South Pickering, ON

category: Windows and Doors - Manufacturers

Replaced screen

By: dswitzer4 | July 30, 2016

I moved into a house 4 years ago and had more work than I expected, one being the basement double side slider screen. I tried by my self to have a screen made but after being told how to measure, the screen turned out to be too small and did not fit well. When I called DoctorScreen, they told me that they would come out to my house and measure and make a screen on site and guaranteed that it would fit. And that' exactly what happened (after a few tries). You see, the window itself was warped and it was very difficult to fit. But, fit it did and very well. I would sincerely recommend DoctoScreen to anyone with out hesitation.

Doctor Screen

3035 Appleby Line Box 25027 Burlington, ON

category: Windows and Doors - Repairs

Major disappointment.

By: hinrichs | July 28, 2016

We hired Nisby to install 6 new windows in our home. They arrived with 5, then took 10 days and two phone calls to Jim ( manager ) before coming back with # 6. Poor installation of #6 caused it to bow and it was 3 weeks before they came back, window is now straight (we hope ) but very messy job applying the trim. Never again will I say a good word about Nisby. Jim is extremely RUDE and even hung up on me when I returned his call earlier this week. No supervision of contract workers.

Nisby Home Renovations

203 Ferry Road Winnipeg, MB

category: Windows and Doors - Contractors

Terrible service terrible product

By: Panpaw | July 25, 2016

We had several Pella wood casement windows purchased from Gehres installed by a reliable builder. After about 10 years 3 of these windows practically fell apart as the vinyl cladding came off and the underlying wood rotted. These were allegedly top of the line windows. We have spent the better part of 2 years trying to get them replaced. At least 3 different service people came out with the same story that their predecessor had either quit or was fired so we had to start all over. Finally, we got a written quote that was $1000 higher than we had been given orally a year earlier. We are fed up with this company and this product. Too bad there isn't a minus rating available!!

Gehres Windows & Doors Ltd

26 Nihan Dr St Catharines, ON

category: Windows and Doors - Contractors

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